About Jeju & Venue

About Jeju & Venue
Jeju, Beautiful Island of Korea

Jeju Island is the largest volcanic island in Korea, and has long enjoyed its prestige as an acclaimed tourist destination. Jeju is a premier tourist destination, boasting mild weather and scenic beauties of beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and caves. Some of the top tourist sites include a national park with diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking views, and the world’s longest lava tube, registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage.

Maison Glad Jeju

About the venue (Maison Glad)

Boasting its 40 years of history and tradition, MAISON GLAD JEJU is a space for customers who want special experience in Jeju. We pursue to be a FULL FACILITY HOTEL, providing customers with luxury hotel experience.
“MAISON” means home in French, and therefore MAISON GLAD JEJU HOTEL offers real comfort to the customer just as home does in a strange place and minimize fatigue on the business travel.
To enjoy Jeju with convenience and comfort, come to MAISON GLAD JEJU, a hotel created by people knows about Jeju better than anyone else to provide exquisite stay experience